Episode 11

Published on:

26th May 2022

The Number One Way to Become a Millionaire

Do you know the number one way to becoming a Millionaire?

There is one way above all others.

Requires a vehicle that will give you the 7 Figure revenues that eventually creates a 7 Figure net worth.

Thomas Stanley's book The Millionaire Next Door, he interviewed hundreds of Millionaires and discovered some amazing things. How a millionaire thinks, believes, lives, etc.

All millionaires have one thing in common.

It is the number one way to become a millionaire.

Owning your own business.

83% of all millionaires own their own business.

But it takes a 7 Figure Mindset to be able to build one.

Richard Branson owns 400 businesses.

Can you start ONE?

Your own business give you;

More Control.


True Security.


Energy for your dreams.

A better self image.


Increased cash flow and more.

What are you passionate about? What do you have a knack for? What comes easily for you?

These are clues to a business you can start.

Out of every dollar of value you bring to a company, you are paid about 25 pennies of every dollar and the company keeps the other 75 pennies of the dollar.

With your own business, you KEEP ALL THE PENNIES - ALL 100 pennies of every dollar vs a company keeping the majority of them.

Hewlett Packard started out of a garage.

Microsoft started out of a dorm room.

Apple started out of a garage.

Netjets started out of a small hangar at a desk.

Spanx started out of a bedroom.

Amazon started out of a garage.

Papa Johns started out of a broom closet.

What kind of business can you start out of your home?

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The Millionaire Road is about Personal Wealth Development on the inside of you and the outside of you. It was a radio show for over 5 years on AM and FM stations across the country, but now is in podcast form. You need to tune in weekly as each show will give you little known secrets to building Wealth as an Entrepreneur in your business as well as finances and life. The slogan for the show is "There is a Millionaire Inside of you, YOU Decide who wins." And with that Decision and Effective teaching, you will learn secrets that only Millionaires know and rarely share about business and life. It will cover every aspect of how to build Wealth even from scratch with a Home Business. Each show has a unique focus and information that you will get nowhere else. Listen and start moving down The Millionaire Road.