Episode 10

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22nd May 2022

Becoming a Force for Wealth and the 5 Elements

Becoming a Millionaire takes a lot of work, power, and patience.

But also understanding.

Understanding what happens with money and what happens with money when you have it.

There are 5 Wealth Forces when DRIVING down the Millionaire Road.

These are factors that are a FORCE in building a 7 Figure life and Business. If these are not a part of your life, you probably will not ever see a 7 Figure Life.

a. Life Changing Decision.

Nothing Significant has ever been achieved without a DECISION that rocks the status quo.

Decide to start a business. Decide to Invest some money. Decide to write a best seller. Decide to build your dream.

b. Your Imagination / Mindset.

The Wealthy imagine their future before it ever shows up.

It is a blank slate. It is a blank canvass. You paint the future on it.

You constantly look to the future and are planning it and seeing it as if it was happening now.

Your mind pulls you towards that vivid picture.

c. Your Marketplace Value.

What value do you bring to the marketplace?

Thinking. Business. Products, Ideas,. Software. Books. Looking Younger. Looking skinny. Looking great in apparel. Solutions. Answers. Benefits.

What is the biggest Value you bring that the masses will accept your idea or product and pay money to obtain it continually?

You thinking and leadership also are a large part of your value in the marketplace as well as network and determination.

d. Your Emotions.

Your emotions drive you or stall you.

You must be excited, energized, relentless, No Other Possible Outcome, convinced, locked on like a heat seeking missile.

Your emotions DRIVE the motion and momentum.

e. Starving Hunger.

If you have a dream how bad do you want it.

Are you thinking and imagining it? Is it a DONE DEAL and MUST HAPPEN as the hunger must be satisfied?

What does a starving person do?

They go find food and water no matter what. Period. End of story. They just make it happen.

That is what a Millionaire Road Lifer does and does not look back.

They just become such a force that their actions start producing the results they dream of.

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