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8th May 2022

The Single Biggest Influence on You Becoming a Millionaire

The Single Biggest Influence on You Becoming a Millionaire

What is the single biggest Influence?

Do you know?

I have studied the Psychology and Emotional aspects of Wealth for 30 years and have found that one thing initially has the greatest impact and influence on your possibility of Wealth:


What you have been exposed to and currently are being exposed to will carry a huge impact and influence on your chances of becoming Wealthy. Exposure can program you for Wealth or struggle.

Most people live traditional lives. The wealthy live a non traditional life and make their own traditions.

Lets take a look at what you have been exposed to.

a. What did you SEE growing up? In school? With friends? handling of money? Experience in life? What else?

b. What did your ears HEAR growing up? what type of conversations did you hear and what were the size of them? What did you hear about money and wealth growing up? What else?

c. What did you SENSE growing up about life? What did you learn from your parents and was it struggle? Stress? Worry? Life was limited? Or overflowing? What else?

d. What did your emotions FEEL growing up? Excitement? Fear? Sadness? Joy? All things are possible? What else?

e. What did you EXPERIENCE growing up? Traditional life or non-traditional life? Money struggles? Overflowing blessings? What else?

Change your Exposure--> Changes your Frame of Reference and Perspective--> Changes your life.

"What you have been exposed to determines what you will grow to." DF

Your exposure in life has either been a prison or a prism.

The last word in Exposure is SURE. The surest way to accelerating wealth in your life or stopping it is exposure.

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